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Easy mummy is a lifetyle blog for the mummies to share their experience and learn from each other. 

My name is Mabel. After I graduated, I worked in a bank for 13 years before I became a newborn photographer then a mummy blogger. The birth of my twin daughters in November 2014 helped me truly see how beautiful a new life is. Hence, I started my newborn photography business that I absolutely love. My studio is located at Ampang Selangor, Malaysia and you can see my newborn photography work at

People keep asking me how do I feel about quiting my corporate career to become a full time mom and photographer. Well, my days are just as busy and it passes quickly. I am learning different things everyday just as much as when I was in corporate.  Essentially, I discovered that I could create a lifestyle that I absolutely love. I deeply enjoy the process of creating my dream life.


The journey to embracing myself, aligning with my vision, and building the habits and skills to make that life a reality. My life is beyond what I could have imagined in the beginning. It is even better. I hope we can inpire each other along our journey.

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