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Make a video storyline for your baby's arrival

My husband took a video of me when we went to hospital to deliver our twins in November 2014. I finally edited it yesterday (ya, almost 2 years late!). There are a few things I wish I have done better for this video at that time. Now I am sharing the ideas with you and hope this could help you to document your memorable moments better. I would highly encourage you to do a video too if you are going to deliver your baby soon.

This is the shot sequence that I wish I have done it that time:

1. Getting ready to go to the hospital

2. Leaving your home and getting in the car

3. Arriving at the hospital

4. Registering your check in

5. Around your room

6. The clock on the wall or watch in your hand to show the time you get to your room

7. Getting ready in the room

8. Husband and wife holding hands praying for smooth delivery

9. Being pushed in to the theatre

10. Baby's first cry

11. Baby on mummy's chest. If you have twins or multiple babies, you can do a quick video on all babies on mummy's chest.

12. Baby's measurements

13. Baby and mother's skin to skin in the room

14. First breast feeding

15. Your difficulty with mobility

16. Dressing baby and getting ready to check out

17. Arriving at home

Take a few second of each scene will help you to create a memorable storyline. I would suggest to bring your tripod or borrow one if you don't have one. It doesn't matter with what camera you use, getting all parts of the storyline is what counts.

Thank you.

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