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A Short Family Holiday At Thistle Port Dickson Hotel

Hello, I just came back from a short family beach holiday. It was quite a pleasant experience with Thistle Port Dickson Hotel. This resort is a family friendly resort. If you are staying in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor and you need a quick drive (approximately 1.5 hour from Kuala Lumpur) for a beach holiday, you may want to consider Thistle Port Dickson Hotel. Although there are better beaches in Malaysia like Redang, Langkawi, Penang, Tioman, Pangkor, Perhentian....etc, Port Dickson beach is simply

convenient especially if you have toddlers or young kids with you. Because of the convenience, I saw mostly local tourists there.

Long story short, here are the key points:

1. Don't need to wait for school holiday and don't need to take days off from work

2. Can drive from home to Thistle Port Dickson in 1.5 hours

3. It's not too tiring for my kids to travel

4. It's a beach holiday for the family

5. I didn't have high hopes on the beach but the hotel maintains the beach area quite well and it's cleaner than what I expected

6. There are a lot of activities for kids in the hotel, such as lego room, game room, ping pong, playground, board game, play sand, swimming.....etc

7. The hotel has large green open spaces for the kids to run around but watch out there are some ants

8. The hotel has different size pools that suitable for babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults. It has slides for the kids pool. It will be perfect if they could cover the kids pool from the hot sun

9. The hotel has a 9-hole golf course and tennis courts

10. The floor tile in the room is quite old but overall the room is clean and spacious

11. There is also a spa so mummy or daddy can take turns going for a relaxing massage

12. There are a few restaurants within the hotel so plenty of choice. Alternatively there are also quite a few restaurants within 5 to 10 minutes drive outside the hotel

In conclusion, Port Dickson may not be as popular as it was all those years ago but hotels like Thistle are moving in the right direction to give families another option for a quick, easy and fun filled holiday without being too taxing on the wallet. Despite just being a short holiday, more of these types of trips will leave your children with more memories of a fun filled childhood.

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