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A Kampung Experience In The City for Kids

Farm In The City is a kampung (village) style farm in Seri Kembangan (20 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur). The park has more than 100 exotic animals. It is mostly cage-less and the animals are allowed to roam freely. Beside animals, it also has more than 60 types of tropical fruit trees and plants in the park.

I brought my 2 years old twins to the Farm In The City last week and our experience was good because we got to see the animal up close and feed them. My twins were excited but scared because they are seeing all these animals for the very first time. After an hour in The Farm In The City, they started interacting with the animals slowly. Although at 2 years old, they can not remember the animals, this is a good exposure for them, and we definitely going to visit this place again. The activity that my twins like the most was longkang fishing, we spent about half an hour just watching them trying to catch the little fishes with the net.

When I was a kid, I used to run around my grandma's kampung with my cousins. We got ourselves dirty and sweaty but it was quite a fun filled childhood for me. Unfortunately, my kids don't get to experience it because I am a paranoid parent and really worry about my kids safety. This Farm In The City experience allows them to get close to nature. Moreover, the kids get to see a lot of rare animals in the Farm In The City.

The park size is about 7 acres and it is divided in to a few sections:

1. Turtle and Tortise Farm

2. Reptile Cavern

3. Bird Aviary

4. Savannah

5. Vegetable & Fruit Farm

6. Pet Village

7. Lake

8. Jungle Walk

9. Exhibition Hall

10. Pelican Quay

11. Ponny

Farm Activities for Kids

1. Can see the animals up close

2. Can feed some free range animals but parents should avoid kids from harassing the animals

3. Longkang fishing at "Pet Village"

4. Horse riding

5. Join the Farm Daily Activities

Farm Daily Activities

11.00am - Otter Feeding at Exhibition Hall

11.30am - Parrot Show at Kampung Mahmood section

12.00pm - Porcupine Feeding at Jungle Walk section

3.00pm - Pelican Feeding at Pelican Quay section

3.30pm - Parrot Show at Kampung Mahmood section

4.00pm - Meerkat & Fennec Fox Feeding at Desert House section


There are 2 small restaurants in the Farm In The City. One is near the entrance and another one is inside the farm. The variety at the restaurant near the entrance is better than the one inside the farm. Like any other theme parks, the restaurant charges are higher than restaurants outside the park.

Rest Room

The toilet in the farm is also built in Kampung style. Relatively clean but the floor is wet. Well this is how a kampung toilet is like.

Suggested Things To Bring For Kids

1. Hat

2. Sunblock

3. Mosquito repellent

4. Water

5. Snacks

6. One set of clothes for kids to change after play

7. Wet tissue

8. Hankerchief

Ticket Prices

Adult RM48 (Mycard discount RM32)

Children RM38 (Mycard discount RM27)

Senior Citizen RM38 (Mycard discount RM27)

Mycard Family Package RM116 for 2 adults and 2 kids


The open air parking lot is right in front of the farm. It is specious and clean.

Location & Map

You can use Waze and key in "Farm In the City". Make sure the address in Waze is correct. Lot 40187-40188 Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan

Operating Hours

10am to 6pm

Guide map


1. Parking And Entrance

2. Cow and Ostrich Near Entrance

3. Ticket counter

4. Turtle and Tortise Farm

5. Reptile Cavern

6. Bird Aviary

7. Savannah

8. Vegetable & Fruit Farm

9. Rest Area

10. Pet Village

11. Longkang Fishing

12. Lake

13. Jungle Walk

14. Exhibition Hall

15. Kampung Mahmood

16. Ponny

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