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11 Things That I like About Family Holiday At Clubmed Cherating

A family trip can be tiring as we need to watch, feed and clean our kids most of the time and I usually end up needing another holiday to recover. A couple’s trip is fun, but sometimes we do want to bring our kids for holiday with us without worrying about sending the kids to someone reliable and not feeling guilty. Huh, the question is how do parents relax when the kids are running around?!?!

Clubmed is a resort that allows kids to play with their same age group and parents can relax and reunite with kids in the evening. Perfect for what we need now. We stayed 3D2N in Clubmed Cherating Resort. Here are the key points on what I like about the Clubmed Cherating:

1. Short journey for toddlers: It required minimum planning and only took 3 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Cherating. I prepared some snacks for the girls to eat along the journey. Also, I prepared formula milk power, hot water and warm water in the car so the girls can have their "milk fiesta" before reaching there. Other things that you may consider to bring are their safety blankets and some favourite toys to take naps and play in the car.

2. Kid Clubs for different age group: Parents can send their kids to the kids club during the day so we can enjoy the resort facilities. We do get worried putting our young toddlers to play with bigger kids as different age groups would require different attention and bigger kids can get excited when they play. I was so glad that Clubmed Cherating Resort provides different age group kids clubs.

Baby Club (4 to 23 months), Petite Club (2 to 3 years) and Mini Club (4 to 10 years) have different activities scheduled that are suitable for that age group. There are some charges for Baby and Petite Club but Mini Club is free of charge. You need to show your kids' vaccination card or go to the infirmary next to reception to confirm your kids are not sick and body temperature is normal. I appreciate the resort took this step to try and ensure no virus spreads among the kids. On the other hand, you can also keep your kids with you and do some activities in the resort together.

Thumbs up for the GOs (Gentil Organisateurs)! I was very skeptical on whether they could manage my toddlers as I have not sent them to play school yet. This is my first time leaving my kids with non family members. Surprisingly they did enjoy the club! Of course my kids cried when my husband and I walked out of the Petite club. We continued to walk away without looking back. Trust the GOs, our kids are in good hands. My kids settled down after a few seconds without us there. If not, the GOs will contact me if it is out of control.

3. No charges for kids below 4 years old: Unlike most resorts where charges are based on room booking, Clubmed charges are based on headcount. For kids below 4 years old can enjoy the stay without charges, just need to pay for baby and petite club if you would like to send your kids there. For kids above 4 years old, there are some charges but the kids get to enjoy the mini club for free of charge.

4. Variety outdoor activities in the resort: There are a variety of activities such as power walk, pool games, fun tournaments at the bar, jungle walk, soccer, futsal, gym, fitness classes, yoga & pilates, archery, trapeze, bungee bounce, sailing, kayak, beach volley, rock climbing, badminton, basketball, squash, karaoke, dance classes, tree top activities and etc. Beside these, the resort has some daily activities that they publish on the information board next to the towel counter.

It's impossible to try all the activities in 3D2N especially when we have toddlers to manage as we need to conserve some energy to shower, change, feed and put them to bed at the end of the day. If you would like to try everything, I would suggest a longer stay in the resort. However, if you have time and budget constraints, I would recommend sunrise and sunset Yoga, archery, trapeze, bungee bounce, rock climbing, sailing, kayak and tree top activities. Batik crafting (with a reasonable charges) is quite interesting, if you have time to do it.

5. Spacious resort: Occupancy rate was quite high during my stay. As the resort is so spacious, I don't feel crowded in the resort. You can definitely find a private spot to take a nap and enjoy the windy and soothing wave sounds by the beach after all the activities in the morning. I love taking afternoon naps by the beach and the wind and soothing wave sounds made me feel calm and relaxed.

6. Rooms: The resort has a total 240 rooms and all the 15 3-story blocks are built of teak wood. The room is big enough for 3 people to stay. Kids below 4 years old are required to stay with their parents. So sweet of the resort to prepare a baby cot and baby toiletries for guests with babies. Although the room is starting to show it's age, it didn't matter to me as we are suppose to stay out the whole day. Another good thing about the resort, they put up a paper stand on water safety guidelines to remind all guests on "safety first". Thumbs up for this effort!

7. Endless acres of greenery: I love to see my kids run around the large gardens cushioned with lush green grass. I tried to take some family portraits but was not successful. Twin 1 walked to right and twin 2 ran to left, argh!

8. Couple time: After my sunrise yoga in the morning (8.00am to 9.00am), my husband and I sent our kids to the Petite Club at 9.30am to 4.00pm, so we could do some activities together. We tried sailing, archery, had a "SLOW" lunch together and took a power nap by the beach. Since we had our girls we hardly have our couple time and always have to gulp down our food when the girls are around.

Oh ya, there is a resort map at reception area so you can plan what you want to do with your husband after sending your kids to the kids club. As the resort is quite big, you may not want to walk back and forth for activities. Also remember to check out what are the activities in the same area to save some walking time.

9. Family Time: I love the evening walks by the beach with my family and enjoy the nature before dinner time. My girls are growing too fast, seeing them walking and running by the beach is so memorable for us.

10. Eat and drink the whole day: The Clubmed package is well known for its all-inclusive concept. The Clubmed Cherating Resort has 2 restaurants (Mutiara and Rembulan), 1 noodle bar and 3 beverage bars (Orchid, Bayou and Zen). Mutiara is the main restaurant and Rembulan restaurant is only open for late lunch and dinner (requires booking). Unfortunately, I only got to dine at Mutiara as it's closer and more convenient for my 2 toddlers that walk like a duck (takes us forever to go somewhere.....hahahaha)

You will never feel hungry when you are in Clubmed. Parents usually get very busy in the morning before departing for a holiday as we need to load all the things and settle the toddlers in the car. In order not to waste too much time we usually grab something quick on the go and we get hungry after a few hours of travelling. It's very thoughtful of the resort to have the noodle bar for the guests who check in after 2pm or guests that missed the lunch due to busy activities.

Before dinner time, the resort has little cocktails and starters outside the Mutiara Restaurant. In the Mutiara restaurant, I like the idea of having a bucket of ice and a jar of water on every table for the guests to cool down from the warm weather. Another thing that I like about Clubmed is the Mutiara restaurant has standard international foods and specialties from 5 countries (China, Korea, Japan, Italy, and India). Each country chef will prepare a special dish of the day and it's nicely plated like a fine cuisine. Thumbs up for the detail!


Breakfast time: 7.30am to 10.00am

Late breakfast time: 10.00am to 11.00am

Lunch time: 12.15pm to 2.15pm

Snack time at noodle bar: 2.30pm to 6.00pm

Dinner time: 6.00pm to 9.15pm

Supper time at noodle bar: 9.30pm to 11pm


The Orchid (main bar near the restaurants) is opened from 9.00am to 11pm. The resort offers many varieties of non-alcohol drinks. Alcohol drinks such as beer and wine are all inclusive as well. The Bayou and Zen Pool bar are only open at selective times.

11. Friendly Staff: The staff and GOs work very hard in the resort. GOs are the ambassadors of the resort spirit and they have to constantly spread their positive energy in the resort. A lot of them are from different countries so they will dine with resort guests and share their working experience with us. Besides dining with resort guests, they also perform for the guests after dinner. Sigh, I missed their show because my toddlers bed time is 9.30pm.

Overall: Clubmed Cherating is a family friendly resort. We had a lot of fun there and hopefully I could do a longer stay next time. I love how the resort attends to details and I enjoy how they pamper their guests. The Petite Club is the key highlight of my trip, I could plan more of Clubmed trips going forward and not have to worry about no one to take care of my twins.

Things to bring to the kids club: Swimming suit, hat, sunscreen, extra clothes, shoes, diapers, security blanket, formula milk, bottles (Remember to write your child's name on all their belongings)

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Clubmed Cherating Resort Map

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