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My 2 Favourite Ways Of Burping A Newborn

Both breastfed and bottle-fed babies can have trapped wind hence burping helps to get rid of some of the air that babies swallow during feeding. Generally, breastfed may need less burping than bottle-fed babies because breastfed babies tend to swallow less air. If the babies are not being burped frequently, too much swallowed air can lead to spitting up, crankiness and gassiness.

In this video, I am sharing with you my 2 favourite ways of burping a newborn, sitting pose and on the chest pose. Be patient to pat and rub your baby's back firmly (too gentle may not help the baby to burp). If you don't get a burp after 10 minutes, try a different position. If that doesn't work for 20 minutes, it's fine to stop because your baby may not need to burp. If your baby is swinging her head, arching her back and arms are moving all over the place after feeding, most likely she has air trapped in her stomach. If that's the case, you need to pat and rub her for a longer time and change a different position after a few minutes.

I would love to hear your best way to burp a baby!

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